Welcome to Rediscovery!

Rediscovery is a format penned by Aquavulfy, one of our senior writers! It’s a 60 card format, and consists of five randomly selected sets from throughout Magic’s history*!

Each deck can contain up to four copies of any card (excluding basic lands and cards with the Relentless Rats clause!) that’s legal in the format, and can have a sideboard of up to fifteen cards!

The set rotates a set out for a new set every month on the first, and so the meta keeps fresh whilst letting decks stay about and gradually evolve through rotation.

Also, Rediscovery doesn’t have scheduled banned and restricted announcements like Wizards of the Coast utilises – due to the tight knitted involvement of us and the community – we can discuss bans live and announce them when appropriate**.

* All sets and expansions with ≥92 cards are legal, excluding LEA, LEB, 2ED, 3ED and Homelands – and all foreign reprint sets (i.e. Renaissance). This is to improve competitive play.

** Bans will have a grace period before implementation – all tournaments in progress will not utilise the new banlist if the tournament started with a different banlist.

What Cards Are Currently Legal?

January 2020

Legal Sets:
– Battle for Zendikar
– Nemesis
– Apocalypse
– Kaladesh
– Darksteel

– Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
– Skullclamp

– Tangle Wire
– Smuggler’s Copter

Use Scryfall to search the format!


How do we get involved?

Join us on Discord if you want to stay closely involved! Other than that, keep an eye on the site and feel free to play wherever! (See below)

Where are the main play hubs?

There is no main play hub. The aim is for the format to be universal, and so you can play it anywhere you can access MTG! To play it on Magic Online, play using Vintage private matches!

Is this format owned by

No! Not at all, by definition. Whilst both Aquavulfy and Sushiske are both involved with the format heavily, the format isn’t owned by the site and are two completely different entities. The site is just being used as a place (one of many) to consolidate the facts.

Will there be organised play?

There is a plan to implement organised play in the coming weeks and months!


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