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Hey there everyone, Sushi here!

Today is the Monday after prerelease, which means that today is also the day that the EDH banlist is updated. Which is fun, if your idea of fun consists of being scared that your favourite card is being banned out of the format.

(Okay but, I wanted to put Sundering Titan in my Dredge EDH deck after using it in Vintage Cube and I was so disappointed to find out that it was banned)

With the release of Theros: Beyond Death around the corner, you may be thinking “What could possibly be a contender for being banned?”
“Is it the new brooooken Heel-oid?” – SaffronOlive, probably.
“No, Walking Ballista was a mistake, WOTC you [redacted becase of family friendly content], and I have a better beard.” – PleasantKenobi, probably.

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT… Now I’m done jesting about my two favourite Magic content creators (no ill intent here, both SaffronOlive and PK are two of my idols when it comes to Magic content creating and I have the upmost respect and love for them and their content – I’m leniently paraphrasing their videos here and here respectively for entertainment reasons), Heliod, Sun Crowned is not the most broken card brought into the Commander format.

It’s infact the BTEC Laboratory Maniac, Thassa’s Oracle.

This card is probably better than the aforementioned Laboratory Maniac, especially in this combo, and it’s only two mana. This is really important, as it’s now a new, broken payoff for a turn one combo wombo in the EDH format… The infamous Flash + Protean Hulk combo.

How does this combo work?


The combo consists of Flashing in Protean Hulk. This is a common combo, which usually grabs things like Revillark and Karmic Guide. However, this combo consists of grabbing Thassa’s Oracle, Nomad’s en-Kor and Cephalid Illusionist. When they enter the battlefield, you activate Nomad’s en-Kor targeting Cephalid Illusionist, milling your deck out, with the Thassa’s Oracle trigger on the stack. Then, let it resolve, and you win the game. It’s that simple.

The thing is, this is doable turn one (with a god hand), and it’s hard to interact with. Since the trigger is on the stack as soon as you enter the battlefield, the only way to fight this combo is with a Force of Will effect, turn one.

It’s insanity – this combo is scarily good, and lots of people on Reddit are already calling for its ban. There’s no way to interact with it, however there are many ways to put the combo together really early into the game. This feels like it could also go into a deck akin to the Modern Splinter Twin combo, where the opponent is always scared to pop out. However, unlike Twin (#unbantwin), this combo is a lot harder to stop.

The card is also very good in a Doomsday pile, the pile being Gush, Thassa’s Oracle, and then three cards of your choice. The card seems very much a buildaround card, with so many possibilities of winning.

Why is Thassa’s Oracle better than Lab Man?

  • Lab Man is 3 mana. This is 2 mana.
  • Lab Man is removable. This is essentially removal proof.
  • This has many different ways to win, and has more applications than Lab Man.

Should Thassa’s Oracle be banned?

I don’t think so. Here, I think Flash is the main culprit. Even though it’s strong, Thassa’s Oracle has way too many applications, and is dealable outside of the turn 1 FlashHulk combo. Flash itself leads to too many things, and honestly, I wouldn’t miss it.

Thank you for reading this discussion! Regular articles will be back soon, but for now, make sure to stay tuned in on the site, join our Discord and make sure to carry on the discussion.

And.. I really need to find a better outro.

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