Friday Morning Magic: Episode 1 – The Future of Paper Magic ft. UncleFlacco and Aquavulfy


I’m so ecstatic to introduce this. This is the Friday Morning Magic Podcast, something that me, Flacco and Aqua have been working on for months.

We tried the FNMCast on ManaSculptors and it just didn’t work – and then went on to try The Legendary on and it didn’t work either, and we couldn’t figure it out, until now!

It may not be the best ever, but we enjoyed making it. It was fun, and I hope that we improve as time goes along.

Also! Huge news! The podcast should hopefully be on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts this week for you to enjoy on there!

I really hope you do enjoy it, feel free to come to our Discord or tweet us and talk about it and celebrate or critique, we appreciate any interaction with you guys; any of your kind words help us out so much in being better for you.

– Sushiske


Welcome to episode one of Friday Morning Magic! Sushiske sits down with UncleFlacco and Aquavulfy to talk about the state of Paper Magic, the next Innistrad set and SaffronOlive’s infamous Pithing Needle punt.

Soundcloud Link:


Spotify is up!

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