[Deck] Eldraine Standard (3.0.) Dredge


Hey there, it be Sushi!

… I really need to work on my intros…

How is everyone today? All good. Well then… STINKWEED IMP TIME!

So today I bring to you Standard Dredge! This Dredge build is inspired by my first Standard deck (the GRN Golgari Planeswalker Precon), and is probably the closest thing to Modern Dredge I can get to.

I threw together a really bad version of this on Arena last week and I have a positive winrate with it in Silver! I played a total of 10 games with my crappy version (Which I may end up streaming at some point) and I won 6/10 games!

The Deck

Standard Dredge by Sushiske

Creatures (30)
Merfolk Secretkeeper
Glowspore Shaman
Wall of Lost Thoughts
Emry, Lurker of the loch
Underrealm Lich
Izoni, Thousand-Eyed
Hatchery Spider

Spells (12)
Creeping Chill
Gruesome Menagerie
Find / Finality
Lands (18)
Breeding Pool
Fabled Passage
Overgrown Tomb
Watery Grave
Witch’s Cottage

Sideboard (15)
Assassin’s Trophy
Lavinia, Azorius Renegade
Legion’s End
Return to Nature
Sorcerous Spyglass
Dread Presence

So, you may be asking, “How is this close to Standard Dredge?”

Well, when everyone was on the Arclight Phoenix hype last year, lots of people overlooked a really good card for Standard Dredge, the only Shaman that can triumph over the infamous Deathrite Shaman.

I mean Glowspore Shaman

Yep, that crappy uncommon from Guilds of Ravnica.

Life from the Bone

Glowspore Shaman essentially works as our Life From The Loam. Because of how much slower Standard is than Modern, this card can provide a ‘Dredge 3’ effect on turn 2, then guarantee you hit your turn three land drop, which is pretty fast!

I feel like that’s the issue with Standard Dredge right now, in general. Nobody has really found a way to make the deck more efficient or consistent. Missing a land drop can be fatal as this deck is a lot more reliant on mana, since the Dredge is usually on ETB rather than Modern’s draw-step Dredge.

Because Standard has no free dredgers.

That would be actually broken in the current Standard.

So, instead, we have Pseudo-Dredgers; Guilds of Ravnica and Throne of Eldraine are both sets with pseudo-graveyard themes, and so both sets have lots of graveyardy cards.

Mate, You Stink

So, we don’t have Stinkweed Imp or Golgari Thug, but we do have Wall of Lost Thoughts and Merfolk Secretkeeper which both do the job just fine! We also have a Sylvan Millbary effect in Underrealm Lich, which doubles as card selection AND mill!

This is really interesting as this means they can be duplicated with ETB triggers, so we’re running two copies of Quasiduplicate as we can cast those from the graveyard.

Two copies of Hatchery Spider seal the deal for us, as they’re honestly brutal when it comes to mill. Milling essentially double our graveyard is no small feat, and this card takes the cake for that in Standard.


We also have three copies of Find / Finality to get creatures back from our graveyard to our hand, so we can recast them. Finality also doubles as a boardwipe in sticky situations, which is honestly awesome, as that means that creature heavy decks fold if we have it in hand.

But our best reanimation spell is the heavily overlooked Gruesome Menagerie. So, we don’t have any relevant one drops in this version of the deck (except Merfolk Secretkeeper as a blocker), however we have a lot of two drops to hit and Emry, Lurker of the Loch is an amazing target for this spell, however this quickly builds up value. In the last standard we would use Stitcher’s Supplier in that slot, which is better by a mile, but this is still very much a high value card.

We also have Witch’s Cottage, which returns things from your graveyard to the top of your library for free, which is very cool, especially for getting Narcomoebas out.


So, our main two finishers are still Narcomoeba and Creeping Chill, but we have no Conflagrate. Our finisher is pretty spicy, however, as this card is probably one of my favourite Guilds of Ravnica cards.


Introducing… Izoni, Thousand-Eyed!

This legendary creature can get you 20 1/1s out for lethal. If you want some more spicy tech, swap out Quasiduplicate for Teferi’s Time Twist for more results!

And Molderhulk is a cheap, huge beater that lets us grab more Witch’s Cottage


So, we need Swamps. Lots of swamps.

This is because of Witch’s Cottage and Dread Presence in the sideboard.

We’re running three Watery Graves and three Overgrown Tombs, as well as two Witch’s Cottage for getting creatures back and 2 basics. The rest of the lands are self explanatory, except for the plains.

The singleton plains in the deck is for Lavinia, Azorius Renegade, to stop Fires of Invention and Finale of Devastation decks from going off, as we can’t really stop them.


So our sideboard has


I do love this deck – I am a dredge connoisseur (self proclaimed, of course), having taken Dredge to GP Birmingham in the Summer! The deck does fill my dredge-loving heart, and I can’t wait to see whether it improves with Theros: Beyond Death.

As always, hope you enjoyed the article! Feel free to feed back to us on Discord or Twitter and in the comments, this is a spicy one. And, I really need a better outro.

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